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Flowerdew Farm

Flowerdew Farm is a low impact sustainable working alpaca and goat small holding, camping and glamping site, that supports community, sustainability, play, creativity and wellness through time in nature and with animals.


Providing a safe and fun space giving alternative, healthier options to the challenges that we all face in our daily lives. 

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“At the end of the day we can endure
much more than we think we can”. 

Frida Kahlo

We believe in


Outdoor experiences

We offer nature and animal inspired meet sessions,



Training, education and a volunteer program. 


Ethical farming and giving back to nature. 

Animal welfare, ethical breeding program.

Producing their fleece for products.

Black magic beans for compost and fire bricks.





In depth wellness and wild nature experiences

Offer camping and glamping.

learn new skills or just sit back and enjoy



Eco friendly as we can, where we can, we recycle, reuse,  renew. 

All products on site are eco. *

Except our boot wash. 

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Staff and volunteers

Voluntary work and giving back is really important to Flowerdew Farm.


Flowerdew Farm provides a safe space for those needing a break from their everyday lives, we also offer training, teaching and guidance.


As well as we know the amazing benefits that our farm offers to those with learning  difficulties, social anxieties, ASD, dementia, disabilities and those in care and in recovery. 

We are proud to partner with 

Dorset NHS START Mental Health Team. We are helping provide volunteer opportunities and extended support beyond our animal, nature, creative wellness sessions. We believe in supporting mental health, our local community and providing opportunities to others in our local rural area. 

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We are proud to support biodiversity and planting projects such as The Big Dorset Hedge Campaign, with the huge support from Bridport Tree Plating Group.


Successfully planting a new mini orchard and a hedgerow with 500+ new plants and 500+ new trees from Ashbridge Nurseries, to help support our land, animals and insects. 

Educating and sharing mentorship with the next generation, so that we can build back better and leave no trace.


Encouraging development through play, the outdoors and animals is both rewarding and brings some serious vibes to the farm!

We are a proud member of The Jurassic Coast Trust an independent charity responsible for protecting and conserving the UNESCO World Heritage status of the Jurassic Coast, a stretch of coastline that spans the counties of Dorset and Devon on the south coast of England. 

They engage with stakeholders along 95 miles of coastline to preserve the Jurassic Coast's unique geology, palaeontology and geomorphology ensuring its future for generations to come.

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Great Big Dorset Hedge Campaign 

Jurrassic Coast Trust 

Dorset START Mental Health 

Jo Sadler Willow 

The Bridport Tree Planting Group 

The Flower Social 

Ashbridge Nurseries

Woodlands Trust

Dorset Volunteer Centre  

Delphine Jones 

Matt Atkinson Tree Surgeon

Modbury Farm Shop

Dorset Council Animal Welfare

Crown Inn Puncknowle

Burton Bradstock SUP 

Musgroves Willow 

Groves Nurseries

Matthew Rees

Team Leader

START (Support, Transition And Recovery Team)

The Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust’s Support Transition and Recovery Team (START) and Flowerdew Farm are working together to facilitate a group where START patients can have a place to learn and interact with animals (alpacas and goats), where they can feel the benefits of being in the fresh air and countryside, a place where people can volunteer so they can feel part of the community and most importantly a place where they are social included.


START and Flowerdew Farm have agreed to run a group throughout the spring/summer and beyond, people who have attended have said the following

  • ‘I feel spiritually topped up’

  • ‘After attending a volunteer day I slept the best I have in years’

  • ‘Wow, the farm is such a great place, I love being so close with the animals, it has really improved my mood’


For myself as the team leader of the START team I am incredibly happy to be working alongside Flowerdew Farm, its great to see people look so happy and content when they are working alongside Claire.

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