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Alpaca & Goat Experiences

Animal Magic



Relax or rediscover your inner child when  

you come to meet our fur family at Flowerdew.


We believe animal therapy is a powerful tool , 

which benefits our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Come spend time with our animals, they will

help calm your nervous system and

put a smile on your face!

Get ready for the alpacalypse.
You’re gonna need a bigger Goat!
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Animal  Wellness Sessions.
Come meet our fur family. 

We offer various experiences, so you can get up close and learn all about our animals.


Offering meet and greet, wellness sessions,

paca picnics, educational sessions, mini farmer clubs and voluntary positions.


We can tailor to seasonal events, workshops, or a special occasion.


You are just not allowed to take them home, but you could adopt!

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*Not Available Bank Holiday Weekend

Weekend Market
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Health & Safety 

With the invaluable support from Dorchester Volunteer Centre and Dorset Council Animal Welfare.


We have ensured safeguarding is in place for all our animals and guests and we are fully DBS checked.

We hold a “Keeping or training animals for exhibition” licence. Animal Welfare Licence No: 10037   


The Dorset Council issued the licence with regard to the “Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018” 

Each individual and group is risk assessed and we have measures in place so that all ages and abilities, can get up close and personal to our animals safely. 

 We believe in inclusivity and access to all.

Supporting SEND, EDI, LGBTQI, Female

empowerment and the environment. 


Currently we can accept wheelchairs up

to our pasture on the hardstanding and

we do have a mud mat available,

that can be taken into our

holding area for closer access.  

Please note we are working on

better wheel chair access for the future.

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Thank you to all our visitors!


“Skyler really enjoyed it, and hasn't shut up to her new school about how lovely and relaxing she found being at your beautiful place.
Somehow she seems a little lighter in herself after the visit, to the point she no longer is as easily triggered by her brother (got his assessment accepted for ASD and ADHD at long last) and he also had a great time, and he's already asked if he can have an alpaca for his birthday "

Clare G


Over the summer I visited Flowerdew Farm with my 10 year old daughter and her friend for a 'Paca Picnic' experience.We met with owner Claire who had exceptional knowledge of the Alpacas and immediately put the children at ease.


The girls learnt all about the Alpacas and were allowed to feed them and then wash them, which was great fun. 

This was a completely unique experience and amazing to have something like this on our doorstep. The children learnt all about the eco side of the farm and had a chance to help with the willow dome which they enjoyed. 


Gill M

I had the greatest pleasure to attend a meet and greet with my young grandson who is Neuro divergent.


Claire was so kind and understanding, the animals gentle and responsive and the whole session had a positive and long lasting effect on my grandson. 

As a neurologist myself I understand the huge benefit being outside in the countryside with animals can have on mental health, lowering cortisol levels and raising endorphins 


Dee B

My family and I were lucky enough to visit Flowerdew

Farm recently. I have 5 children, aged 18, twins of 12, a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old. My eldest 3 children have autism and one with ADHD.


We saw posts about Flowerdew farm and how they support

those with additional needs. I feel its hugely important to give my children real life experiences, but it must be in a safe environment.


I've not visited before and was very pleasantly surprised at the ease we instantly felt at this lovely place. Claire has a very calming way about her that instantly makes us feel comfortable. My children felt confident enough to ask questions. They felt validated by their input and calmed by the cuddles of a beautiful alpaca and goats.


Claire and her lovely farm was a wonderful experience for my children. I felt that I could relax watching my children have fun and enjoy their time with the animals.

Claire has an empathy and understanding of special needs, which shows in how caring and

calm she is. Thank you

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